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Early world cup thoughts

Well I’ve arrived at my fourth world cup in a row. 1 game in France 98, 6 in Japan/Korea, 3 in Germany and it is 5 games in 5 days here in South Africa. No surprise I’ve seen Ireland play the most with 4 games but surprisingly it is Saudi Arabia next on 3 games!

Long stopover in Heathrow allowed me to literally fall asleep watching incredible boring game between Ivory Coast and Portugal. Only excitement was the excitable German schoolgirls who cheered every touch by Ronaldo and booed when he got booked.

The French continue to try and fck up my world cup up. Striking air traffic controllers in Paris saw us sit 120 mins on tarmac in Heathrow missing our slot and forcing us to fly around France.

South African airlines staff all in world cup mode with them in addidas bafana bafana gear at check in. They even handed out ear plugs for the flight and the vuvuzelas!

I resisted the temptation at south African passport control to claim diplomatic immunity but the Irish passport got me in no hassle.

Getting ready to head off to see my first game South Africa v Uruguay. Temperature expected to be around freezing!

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