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The goals keep on coming

Another couple of cracking games in the last 24 hours. I have managed to see 15 goals in four games that I’ve been to. FIFA should hire us to go to games to get the scores up. They could also organise selling some more tickets to avoid all the empty seats, oh and a transport system to ferry fans to the game would also help. Touch of the jokeshops about the match transport. We got left high and dry in Pretoria tonight. Not the best to be wandering around at midnight trying to hail a cab to get back to Jo’burg 50 kms. Made it in end.

Friday was a great game with the Yanks coming back from 2-0 down and they really should have won. Don’t know what the disallowed goal was about. Love to see time wasting teams get punished but Slovenia hung on for a point. I believe Gabriel Egan gave a shout out to the Shamrock Rovers flag at that game.

We got the flags on the telly tonight with the “Team 33 on Tour” and my Rovers flag behind the goal in Loftus Versfeld. More goals tonight but Cameroon were very hard done by to be eliminated. If they got rid of that awful number 10 Emana it might have helped. It has taken four games but it was the first spot of a Mexican wave tonight much to Kev’s disgust! First spot of Karl Spain of the world cup today.

Other memorable moment was Paddy getting up on stage at the fan fest where they were getting people to show some ball skills. He did 3 keepey ups and then went “have it” and booted the ball towards the moon! The look on the face of the fan fest hosts has to be seen to be believed. Hoping to get it up on you tube at some stage.

We are still much amused by England. You couldn’t make it up. Algeria who were thumped by Ireland could well have beaten England. As it stands they are in deep trouble. Moment of the game was Heskey’s hilarious step over. Much amusement had by all as we tucked into burgers and ignored the Portuguese South African fan at the adjacent table. We also had to have dinner in bar called Capellos in Pretoria today.

Sowto tour and another trip to soccer city and Brazil v Cote d’ivoire. Wish us luck.

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