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There is something about Gabrielle

Just catching up on some of that media whoring over the World Cup. Fair play to Gabrielle Marcotti and Gabriel Egan who spotted the Irish flags on display at the World Cup.

Gabriele Marcotti (from Corriero della Sport, Sports Illustrated, Financial Times and sometimes putter in his place of Ken Early on Newstalk’s Off the Ball) was busy on twitter giving our flags a mention at the Cameroon v Denmark game in Loftus Verseld (http://www.sports-tweets.co.uk/tweet/16564129475)

Shout out to the fans who brought banners… from all over, inc: “Team 33 on Tour” and “Shamrock Rovers” (EIRE)

Meanwhile on RTÉ’s coverage of the USA v Slovenia game, Gabriel Egan gave us a shout out.

“Incidentally we have a noticed a few of tricolours up on display in this ground on the upper tiers of this ground and indeed I can see a Shamrock Rovers banner away over on the far side. So Robbie Keane and Co. mightn’t be here as a team but you can’t keep the Irish at bay when there is a game on.”

(41:25 into programme or 25:25 into first half) http://www.rte.ie/player/#v=1075155

Also, picked up in the RTE “As it happened” text updates:

26 mins Plenty of tri-colours around the stadium here at Ellis Park according to RTE commentator Gabriel Egan. A Shamrock Rovers flag in amongst it as well by all accounts. Hope the lads make it home in plenty of time for the Shamrock Rovers European adventure later in the summer.


Getty Images got this shot during Cameroon v Denmark game in Loftus Verseld:

Mr. Daly Snr’s still from the same game:

Special mention to Kev for his moment in the sun in the New York Times match report on the Uruguay v France game (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/12/sports/soccer/12francegame.html)

France failed to advance out of the first round at the 2008 European Championships. And in order to qualify here, it needed that hand ball from Henry that led directly to its late and decisive goal against Ireland.

The Irish have not forgotten. Domenech fielded a question from an Irish reporter Thursday about whether the French deserved to be here (the answer was “oui”).

And among those in the capacity crowd of 64,100 on Friday were Kevin Daly and a group of young Irishmen dressed in green and carrying a large poster that read “Team 33”: a reference to early suggestions from soccer officials that Ireland just might get to be the 33d team in the World Cup after the injustice of its elimination.

That never materialized.

“We bought our tickets a year and a half ago, and obviously we hoped that Ireland would be here, but when we ended up with France tickets, we thought obviously that it was a great chance to protest,” said Daly, a 26-year-old from Ennis who works for a public relations firm in Dublin.

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