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Media Watch – Milltown & Modena

Liam Mackey was in nostalgic mode in today’s Irish Examiner. With the new Lansdowne opening its door for football for the first time tomorrow, he was asked to reflect on his own favourite sporting haunt – and how it has changed over the years. He wrote about Milltown and picked up on a 12 year olds tale of the loss of the famous ground:

Supporters protested and politicians postured but, after a final game against Sligo Rovers on April 14, 1987, the gorgeous old stadium was first colonised by weeds and then succumbed to the wrecking ball. The supporters group KRAM (Keep Rovers At Milltown) fought and lost an often bitter battle but even as Rovers began their wandering years around the football grounds of Dublin, one supporter did his best to keep Milltown at home.

In ‘We Are Rovers’, Eoghan Rice’s splendid oral history of the club, Macdara Ferris tells the poignant tale.

“I dug up a bit of the pitch and stuck it in a crisp bag. I kept it in a Chinese takeaway dish for around three years. I used to water it regularly so it was still growing and I put little Subbuteo men on it. Unfortunately, one day I dropped something and it hit the shelf that I kept the grass on and a part of Glenmalure Park flew across the room and fell into countless bits. I tried putting it back together but it was gone.”

Gone but not forgotten.

Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/sport/kfcwqleycwid/rss2/#ixzz0wFPQibXI

Meanwhile Mark McCadden wrote in the Star of the expectation (and thirst) of Shamrock Rovers fans in Modena ahead of the Juventus v Rovers game in the Europa League.

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