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Band of Brothers and Sisters

With an election campaign, it is somewhat like a military campaign. The troops are assembled to head out and win the battle for votes. Trusty lieutenants huddle over maps in the dark of night organising the plan of attack. Supplies of leaflets, stickers, clipboards and pens are distributed amongst the men and women. A temporary truce is called just short of nine o’clock so voters aren’t disturbed from the main evening news by canvassers. Each night a different squad is pulled together, sometimes with the candidates, sometimes without. You venture out with people you may have soldiered with on campaigns in the past, the usual suspects, and also with new recruits to the cause. It is amazing to see the commitment of people to their party and their candidate to go out each night and seek out the important number one vote or high preference transfer.

I won’t quote Shakespeare (or is it Spielberg?) as the “band of brothers” quote is not exactly gender neutral and we didn’t shed blood on the canvass but there is a bond of friendship that is formed during the election campaign. It is something about that shared collective experience battling for the greater good together. Our belief is that our party can bring about a better Ireland and so we team up to go out and make that happen. And then suddenly when the campaign is over, the team is disbanded, they are gone and it is all a bit strange. With the election over this week I haven’t been chatting with Frank, Sally Anne, Tony, Gráinne, Dermot, Sinéad, Kingsley, Rebecca, Feargal, David, Angelina, Paul, Eamon, Ivana or the many others who hit the doorsteps during February. Most will, like myself, have drifted back into normal life with the career, family or football team now occupying their time in the evenings rather than the election. It is not quite Kayser Soze but the election like that…it’s gone.

I promise the tale of the tally over the weekend…

  1. bryansheils
    March 4, 2011 at 20:44

    Good read Macdara,well done.

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