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Media Watch (Partizan 1 Shamrock Rovers 2) – RTE Radio 1 Morning Ireland

My interview with Des Cahill on RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland (Friday 26 August)


Des Cahill: Amazing scenes. Very small group of Shamrock Rovers fans there. In fairness to them its because they’ve been to the other matches there are only so many European trips they can afford. One of them was Macdara Ferris, a journalist Rovers fan and a significant one as he was one of a very privileged and a very small band of Rovers supporters in the Stadium.

Macdara Ferris: There was 43 fans Des in the ground with about 16,000 Partizan fans cheering on their team and 43 of us cheering on our own.

DC: And they were Partisan as they made an extraordinary atmosphere.

MF: Oh they did. The Grobari are their big Ultra group and they were down one end of the ground. They didn’t stop signing from the start of the game until the end even though they lost.

DC: With the members owning the club, do you have a tiny share of ownership?

MF: Yeah, I’m one of about 450 members that actually own the club. We pay €50 a month and that gives us a vote. We vote the board in and the board members that we have are the hardest bunch of board members in Irish football. They are really skilled and work so hard and are so committed. They are backed up by a broad membership with a wide range of skills and we are able to utilise that.

DC: So it’s a bit like Barcelona, without the money?

MF: Exactly! We are just a slightly smaller club but we are more than club and we are certainly more than a club for the people of Tallaght, Dublin and hopefully for Ireland today. With the best wishes from all the League of Ireland clubs and all the League of Ireland fans. It is really important for the League of Ireland football. Like all Rovers fans I’m really passionate about the League of Ireland I support sport but I support my own local football team. Hopefully this has really laid down a marker and a challenge for Irish fans to not just support clubs from across the water or support the national team but actually to go down to their local football club be it in Tallaght, be it in Cork or up in Finn Harps where ever it is, I think that is really important.

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