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Media Watch: You Boys in Green Fanzine, Irish Daily Mail, Irish Sun, Blic

Extracts from Mark McCadden’s article from the You Boys in Green Fanzine Issue 25

Full article available to view here.

Another travelling Hoop Macdara Ferris said: “It probably was the best night supporting Shamrock Rovers and I’ve been supporting them for quite a number of years.

“I suppose it’s the culmination of the story of Rovers over the past few years – going from relegation to the First Division to getting into Tallaght.

“Every year we seem to do something bigger. There was the friendly game against Real Madrid in 2009, then we played Juventus in a competitive game a year later and then to go where no Irish team has gone before by getting to the group stages of the Europa League.

“To actually win the other night just meant so much to the Rovers fans who were there and for those who were watching at home on the television.”

Macdara added: “I think it will take a long time for it to sink in but there were definitely tears – from me and most of the fans around.

“People were sitting down with their heads in their hands kind of struggling with what they had just seen. And then it was very much celebrating down with the players after the final whistle.”

The atmosphere inside the stadium was pretty special too, with the small group of Rovers fans drowned out by the 16,000 locals.

Macdara recalled: “It was up there with anything I had seen before – just the sheer noise that the Grobari Ultras made during the game right from the start to the end, we were a little bit away from where it was but it really was incredible.

“Was it intimidating? Yeah it was. But it wasn’t aggressive. They were supporting their own team.”

Those celebrations continued back at the team hotel, where players and supporters sat together to watch highlights of the match on a local TV channel.

“That was a real highlight, I suppose. It was an experience we were able to share with the team and I think that was quite a privileged position that we could actually do that,” said Macdara.

“There is always a great bond between fans who travel away from home and the team. But when you get that close it makes it pretty special.”


Blic (Friday 26 August)

With a very rough translation!


Irish Daily Mail (Friday 26 August)


Irish Sun (Friday 26 August)

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