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Shedding some light on the shady cycling drugs game

For those with an interest in cycling, drugs in sport or in the wider sporting world, they should get their hands on a copy of “Racing through the Dark – The fall and rise of David Millar“. The book tells the story of talented Scottish cyclist David Millar as told by the rider himself.

It is the story of how even a clean and successful athlete like Millar felt pressurised into taking drugs in order to compete and win in professional cycling. It charts the development of his career and the almost inevitable tipping point where he became one of the many cyclists competing while using the performance enhancing drug EPO.

In the week when three Pakistani international cricketers were sent to prison for their part in a betting scandal, it is interesting to read Millar’s expose into the cheating that occurs in cycling through the use of performance enhancing drugs. However Millar’s story, more importantly, is a tale of redemption. He honesetly assesses how he turned his life around, both personally and professionally, to emerge as a clean athlete, championing the cause of cycling by highlighting what can be achieved without drugs.

Written with the help of Jeremy Whittle (author of the equally good Bad Blood), it is a unique insight into the world of drugs in sport from a self-confessed doper and provides hope that cycling can emerge from the long dark drug fueled period.

For a few more recommendations from the genre of cycling literature, see my previous post https://macdaraferris.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/reading-and-riding/

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