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24 years awaiting…

It is 24 years since Ireland’s one and only appearance at a European Championship and no I’m not quite old enough to have been in Germany back in ’88! I watched the Ireland v England game in between track and field athletic events in Santry Stadium. A big screen was set up at the back of the stand to watch and I remember wild rumours of a second goal as I was waiting for a relay race that day but 1-0 would be very much good enough by the end of that game in Stuttgart.

I watched the 1-1 draw against USSR at home and must have re-enacted Ronnie Whelan’s celebration at least a hundred times in the days after the game. Maybe my knees still have the scars.

And of course we all remember the infamous Holland game where we were minutes away from reaching the semi final before cruelly conceding that freek Wim Kieft goal…well I don’t as it was a friend’s birthday party and we were at the cinema during the game. I hate ‘Flight of the Navigator’ – rubbish film!

From Sunday on, we will be making new memories to hopefully rival Stuttgart, the Genoa shootout, Giants Stadium and Ibaraki. Ahead of the start of the tournament, I’m going to have a quick look back at a couple of European Championship games that I’ve attended. From this weekend, the aim will be to post a blog or two from Poland and maybe even Ukraine if things go right for Ireland!

First up will be a couple of games at Euro 2000 including one of the all time great games at the Euros…