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Dude, where’s my crane?

Sitting at my desk I have a good view of a few of the Celtic Tiger developments. Looking over my left shoulder I can see Lansdowne Road Stadium (aka The Aviva, The Palindrome or The Dublin Arena for next week’s Europa League final). Over the top of my screen, I have Alto Vetro, the top of the Grand Canal Theatre and can make out the top of the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

On my right are my own personal weather vanes with the abandoned cranes over some of the unfinished Docklands developments. As the cranes are left swing free in the wind, they let me know which way the wind and hence the weather is coming.

Back at my desk today, I noticed a bit of movement to my right and a new temporary crane was popping over the adjoining building. This was at work dismantling one of the cranes on the infamous Liam Carroll development on the north of the Liffey. This had been ear marked to be the brand new headquarters for Anglo Irish Bank. But somewhere between bankrupting the country and forcing us to lose our economic sovereignty, Anglo never made it there. Carroll’s companies lie in Nama and the Anglo building lies derelict surrounded by abandoned cranes. Well by tomorrow it looks like the cranes will be gone, maybe the receiver got a good price for them – let us hope so.

View from East Link Bridge towards IFSC

Temporary mobile crane in foreground

Two workers climb up to help dismantle final crane

Crane ballast being lifted off (1of3)

Crane ballast being lifted off (2 of 3)

Crane ballast being lifted off (3 of 3)